Asana and the power of adjustments

Touch is powerful. It has the power to heal or to hurt. Approached correctly it can
lengthen, open, soften, align and deepen each asana.

Since Covid, social distancing and the #Metoo movement we are much more
hesitant to touch. This is reflected in our yoga classes. Teachers are afraid to touch
or assist. We worry that our touch may be unwanted or that we may not assist in
the correct way. Most people have a story to tell of when an adjustment has been
applied incorrectly, insensitively or ineffectively and this has led to a negative

It is a great shame that touch is being used less and less in yoga. Correct and
confident assisting can be a wonderful experience. Approached in the right way,
assisting can really enhance the student’s experience, increasing their range of
motion, relaxing, encouraging, aligning, awakening and stabilising each asana.

In the Yoga Assisting and Adjusting workshop we will approach adjusting and
assisting with respect and great sensitivity. We will learn to approach assisting with
the right intention, connecting to our Yamas and Niyamas. You will understand how
to build trust, connection and establish consent, and acquire the skills to read
each student and understand when to touch and when not to touch, then to
confidently and safely apply the correct assist to enhance each asana. It creates a
deeper understanding of each posture for both student and teacher.

Please come and join me, Lois Beim,  for this fun one day workshop on 27th April from 11am to 5pm and gain confidence in the art of yoga assisting.  Find out more and book your place HERE.

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