Q & A with… Denise Marlow

What classes do you teach?
Refine and Align, Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga

What’s your passion?
Learning new things/skills. Keeps your mind alert and active.

What excites you most about the new studio?
How lovely the new space is creating a fresh energy inside. I’m also looking forward to teaching, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones.

What is your personal mantra?
Be kind to yourself.

Favourite thing about Shalford?
I love going on dog walks along the canal with friends. It’s been a great way to keep in touch over the last year and a bit.

Any lockdown pets?
I have my two labradors Boy (12) and Barney (6) who have absolutely loved lockdown and their doggie get togethers!

Who do you admire most?
People who are honest and trustworthy.

What do you eat for breakfast?
I like to eat mid-morning onwards so it really depends on how I’m feeling. But each day at breakfast, after some water, I’ll have a filter coffee then my day begins from there.

Top tip for health
Learn to breathe efficiently, move, make time for rest, stay hydrated and learn what foods work for your body.

What have you missed most during the pandemic?
Even though I’m outside every day with my dogs, during the last year I missed being spontaneous – limited travel, movement etc. It feels good to be moving forward, fingers crossed.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs – they’re just wonderful. Although I’ve had three cats over the years and they were adorable.

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